Friday, June 4, 2010

Since I left school I really haven't felt like drawing. Drawing constantly for 8 months really burnt me out (not a good sign at all). I've also been recovering from surgery, so drawing hasn't been my top priority. However I do try to scribble a bit in an old sketchbook every day, just to keep some skills.

Anyway, I have managed to draw some things, so I'll drop them off here.

This is currently being inked on my animation desk (and has been 'in progress' for several weeks now). It's my character Thomas, no real surprise there.

This is some fanart I did for K. Ritter, who is a fantastic artist. She creates some really interesting & well-constructed characters.
This is a piece I really started working on this afternoon. These characters I don't really draw enough. Yes, the rough pumpkins were reused from an old painting I did for school- I probably won't redraw them, I'm lazy.
I'm really feeling like I've improved a bit since September; Sheridan has taught me lots of good skills that I'm really happy with. Hopefully I'll continue to improve over the next three years!