Friday, May 29, 2009

For the class I am taking, we are required to do a final project. It can be almost anything and has no limitations or theme. We will have one week to finish it and most of it has to be done in class.

I have decided to start sketching it now, because I doubt I can finish a large traditional project in one week. I'm slow. Shaddap. I really doubt doing a digital sketch breaks any of the rules, but meh.

Here is 20 or so hours of sketching thusfar:

It will be inked with Copic multiliners 0.03 (black) and 0.05 (colours)- then coloured with copic markers. The piece will be 11''x14'' on illustration board.

The picture of Jekyll drinking is a variation of an old drawing I never finished. This thing is taking me FOR-BLOODY-EVER.

I'll keep you posted on this.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOTE: is now expired and I will no longer be paying for it to stay alive. If you link to it, please change your links to: - which is right here :)

I got a COPIC Airbrush on the weekend and it is absolutely amazing. Definitely intend on buying one of the bigger systems in the future. My only complaint is that the original (square) markers seem to fit in the airgrip the best (without having to fiddle and align the marker nib)- and I only have a few of them -A-; .

So, to test my new toy out, I've drawn the following:

The backgrounds were done with the airbrush. I used green painter's tape (and the waste from my hole punch) to mask the figures, create boundaries and make effects.

Eugh, need more aircans! D60 only holds 7-8mins of air, and that's most certainly not enough. ;)


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I apologize for not being around for a few weeks- I've been drawing, but not much is really worth sharing.

As terms of my conditional offer of admission to Sheridan, I have to get the senor-level visual arts credit that I didn't take when I was in secondary school. So, I spend my days at the Adult Education Centre, working to get the credit.

It's a LOT of fun and excellent practice for Sheridan.

Here's some of the gesture drawings I did today (of my teacher). Done in Col-Erase- 30 seconds each (with the exception of the first, which was 10 seconds).

Drawing YMCA & 'I'm A Little Tea Pot' is so hilarious.


Friday, May 1, 2009

I usually have someone 'beta' my lineart before I start colouring them. This way, if there's any extremely noticeable flaws, I can change them before it becomes more difficult.

Regrettably, I didn't have anyone look over the lineart of my latest picture and decided to have it beta'd when it was 99% complete.

Not the smartest move, as fixing it was a lot of work (opposed to just changing lines).

Here's the drawing at the moment:

I know there are still flaws in the anatomy, but right now I don't have the zeal to fix them. Of course I'll try to fix it up before it's 'done' and posted officially online :)

PS: I'm disliking Photobucket's new system where it asks for tags on pictures after uploading them. >:c