Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Well, I've been meaning to post this for few weeks, but I decided to wait until I finished all my assignments.

I've been having issues with my hands for the past few years. There has been lots of pain, hand tremors- basically lots of things making drawing difficult. I dismissed it as arthritis or something hereditary, which obviously was a stupid decision.

I went to the doctor, who told me it was pretty clearly Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. They couldn't explain the tremors, but every other symptom fit. After doing a few tests, they told me to get some arm braces and take it easy.

It took me being up late at night in inexplicable pain whilst downing bottles of pain killers to get help. I was stupid, I had symptoms and ignored them. Pushing through the pain to get assignments in on time. This probably is going to make recovery a bit more difficult and lengthy.

Next post will be art. Just felt like logging this.