Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy New Year!

This is just going to be a short art dump. I
got the expected art-block over the holiday and didn't draw much (the same one I had last year).

Here's a compilation page of some of the things I sketched over the break. The plague-bird I actually finished & painted as a quick Christmas gift for my mum. The rest is pretty much trying to draw through the art block & figure out how to draw animals.

A few nights before I came back to school, I attempted to work with digital painting. Using several references from Pokémon: Best Wishes I came up with this. Yay, new starter Pokémon!

Now some school work.
Here are the beat boards I did for my group assignment.

And these are quick concept sketches I did last night. I need to do a model sheet for a bird and something with a muzzle- I've chosen a doctor from the bubonic plague (the bird) and an rat (one of the carriers of the plague). Definitely need to add some boils & infection to the rat, but it's a start.

That's all for now.