Thursday, March 17, 2011

These are my Beak/Muzzle character designs I did a few weeks back. The bird was based off of a plague doctor from the Italian plague and the other was an infected plague rat. I'm only posting the bird.

The last character assignment I did was a huge model pack. The characters were to be chosen from a specific historical point- of course I chose Victorian England (It's my comfort zone). Four model sheets and a line up. Clean up done in ink. Another assignment I wish I had more time for.

The "Skeletal Requiem" logo was done by my sister.

This is a layout we did a few weeks back. It was pretty much to copy the storyboard/layout pack our prof gave us. The wonky perspective was in the layout pack and we were not allowed to really fix it. In painting we were to paint this layout in a 'graphic style' using the pen tool in Photoshop.

Lastly, here's an animation I just finished last night.

I've been having issues with my hands for the past few years and I'm finding it a lot easier to work digitally than on paper. So, I decided that for this animation, I should experiment animating digitally in Flash CS5. It seems the industry (at least television animation) mostly uses Flash nowadays, so experience with it couldn't hurt either.

A major problem I run into when I animate is that I constantly want to keep everything structural and (somewhat) realistic. It's so limiting and gets me really frustrated. For this assignment, I decided I was going to abandon that thought and just go as extreme as I could push it.

Audio is from Invader Zim. I had no idea how many people animate to this until I looked on Youtube. I guess it's a popular clip.

That's all I guess for now.

There has been a ridiculous epidemic of carpal tunnel syndrome in the second year- I think I'm getting it too. I've been dismissing these pains as arthritis and after talking to a friend who has it, it's starting to sound more like CTS than arthritis. Fuck.