Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At the beginning of every summer, I always plan to achieve much more than I'm capable of doing. I set expectations so high that I only end up disappointing myself. This has been my lesson of the summer.

I had set a goal that was just unrealistic and in the end, it sabotaged everything.

I did, however, manage to practice some basic animations in flash, doodle almost every day, and work on a lot of stories... So I cannot say it was entirely wasted. But the fact of the matter is,
not much was finished.

I am refusing to say this was a failure. Art will always be a life-long learning experience for me. No matter how frustrating, I have learned a lot from this.
I have finally learned what I can realistically do within a day. I can set my goals a little more realistically, and that will definitely help me through the next semester without disappointment.

Here are some things from last semester
(like always, click to enlarge)

These are some storyboards from my final storyboarding assignment. I cropped out all of the template other than where the actual boards were to conserve space... Hopefully it still reads alright. This assignment was a lot of fun.

Final layout assignment, panning up. First try at to doing that fish-eye effect when something pans upwards.

The same layout, just with a bit of tone.

Here are some of my favourite pieces done in character design last semester. Bits from every assignment.

This is a still my lip sync animation, cleaned up. I added colour & a background this summer. Moreso practice than anything else, really.

Some pieces from my final life drawing portfolio. This semester was more about tone... Eugh.

Now, for things done over the summer!

These are just some of the doodles I did & never finished.

Something I started for Shark Week, but never finished. Might get around to it sometime.

An old sketch I finally got around to finishing.

Reworking old characters. Improving on their designs. (yes, that's the cat from my IT KEEPS HAPPENING storyboard)

Fiddling around with pencils & tone.

I did this for my nan's birthday back in June. Experiment with ink & markers.

In the end, it's not much. But, going into year 3, I've never been so motivated to improve and succeed.