Friday, December 16, 2011

Final animation drop offs. Met deadlines.
Will definitely go back and fix some of the major issues in the new year.

Quick stop-motion test, trying out my first puppet :D

I found that learning how to render things in Maya is somehow more confusing than actually animating in the software. So I might go back and re-render these when I come back to school in January.

First real animation done in Maya. It's a walk cycle using the default pre-rigged character at Sheridan:

Second animation in Maya. A thinking character, lip synced to a Carl Sagan quote (which seems to be a bit out of sync in this render...). Character is the Blake rig.

Finally, this is a biggy. The final reel with my action analysis animation.

I learned a lot through this action analysis project- definitely a LOT more than in my previous two years combined.
  • tying down your animation is insanely important
  • stupidly complex characters suck to animate (STOP WITH THE SEAMS)
  • I need to design simpler characters
  • clean up takes me forever
  • flash really sucks for animating
  • After Effects is really fun
  • learn to budget time better

Overall I'm "okay" with the end result. I definitely want to go back and fix things before I add it to my portfolio.
But, at the end of the day, I got something done and handed in- that was ultimately the goal.

Now I'm off to pack and head home for the holidays.
Survived the first semester of year 3. HUZZAH.