Tuesday, May 19, 2009

NOTE: Squelette.net is now expired and I will no longer be paying for it to stay alive. If you link to it, please change your links to: http://peasantslave.blogspot.com/ - which is right here :)

I got a COPIC Airbrush on the weekend and it is absolutely amazing. Definitely intend on buying one of the bigger systems in the future. My only complaint is that the original (square) markers seem to fit in the airgrip the best (without having to fiddle and align the marker nib)- and I only have a few of them -A-; .

So, to test my new toy out, I've drawn the following:

The backgrounds were done with the airbrush. I used green painter's tape (and the waste from my hole punch) to mask the figures, create boundaries and make effects.

Eugh, need more aircans! D60 only holds 7-8mins of air, and that's most certainly not enough. ;)