Monday, January 11, 2010

I haven't forgotten about this place! I was just home for the holidays without access to my blogger for the past three weeks- and for that last little bit of semester one I never really drew anything of value.

Here's a sketchdump, and it is very much a sketch
dump... Nothing is really good here. I'm honestly in the worst art-block of my life and it's been this way for the last month or so. Eep.

These are some of the quick drawings I did on my last life drawing class. It was a costume free-for-all and we could use whatever media we wanted. These are roughed with Copic markers then drawn with a black pen. Apparently I can't do much in 3mins.

Now these are some sketches I did over my holiday. They were an attempt for me to get out of my block but didn't work.

That's it for now. Fuck. I really need to start drawing things of substance and that don't have mutant appendages or just overall bad anatomy.