Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Last week I was on reading week and got quite a bit done.

Here is a painting assignment I did of a still life. We could use whatever media we wanted so I decided to use my watercolour cake set that was ridiculously cheap. It's intended for children or something, but I like it alright.

I find watercolours easier to use that gouache- I'd much rather be able to use them instead.

This is a birthday present I did for my mum. It's a caricature portrait of our pets. Watercolours & Copic markers. Each is 4x6'' and I framed them all nice in a faux-antique frame. She loved it.

Now this is a bit of fanart I did for Doctor Who. It started off as a painting, but I managed to balls it up so badly that I had no choice but to redo it. At least digitally I had the opportunity to play around with some new effects/techniques.

Rendering Gallifrey & Earth (the planets) in the background was really fun. I didn't know how simple it would be to create something like that without the aid of clipart.

And I'll leave off with a rough sketch from a project I'm currently working on. It's for character design!Cheers!