Monday, November 14, 2011

Royah Wintur Fuurrrr

Every year we go to the Royal Winter Faire to draw the animals. Gosh I love the faire- It smells like a barn. I grew up on a farm, and every year I'm reminded of what hay and animal feces smells like.

This year I decided to set up camp with some llama friends & I actually got some drawings done.

My llama amigos were from a farm close to my house- I've driven by them a hundred times. Sure, it's like 30km away- but by the code of the farmer, it means we're practically neighbours.

I swear, every time I got into what I was drawing...
I'd look up and a llama would be staring at me with
their adorable, derpy eyes. Being not one who likes
to be startled, I reacted by jumping a foot off my
chair. It's not embarrassing. Stop judging me.

First llama study done with my Copics. First
time using Copic wide markers. They're delicious.

Their derp eyes reminded me of a zombie. A zombie with a
hunger that only artist blood can satisfy.

And that was the Royah Wintur Fuurrrr for 2011.
Spent the evening eating delicious & cheap Chinese food, raiding the Disney store for choice deals, & running to catch GO Train.
It was fantastic.