Saturday, April 18, 2009

To start this entry off, I'm going to share a terrifying picture with you.
A comparison of a drawing of self portraits: the first I drew in early 200
6 and the second was done now, in 2009.

I cringe when I see my drawings from (just) three years ago. No more lanky, needlessly long limbs with pointy fingers that could poke someone's eye out. Now, in 2009, I've fattened my drawings up and tried to develop a style that isn't so dreadfully amateurish.

It just surprises me how radically my art can change in such a short amount of time. It definitely looks like two different people drew them.

This is a picture I've been working on (very off and on) for a week:

Dante sitting in a pirate pub- It's really an exercise in backgrounds and foregrounds... And I've wanted to make a false screenshot for quite a while.
Digital painting seems to take me forever and I'm afraid I've lost the zeal for it. Right now I'd really love to keep experimenting with markers and watercolours.

Yes, it's the image from the above comparison:
This one will probably be transferred over onto some 140lb cold-press watercolour paper (300lbs if I can get to an art shop sometime this week) then coloured with COPIC markers & watercolour cakes. The only thing I can see for a background here is wavy watercolours. Like usual, the character will be done with markers.

I love drawing self-portaits in profile right now. It's an angle that I should improve (mainly the bodies). While listening to Danny Elfman's soundtrack to "Black Beauty" I came up with this- It just flowed from my hand to my screen as the music played. I guess I'm conducting some imaginary orchestra with my arms? Who knows. I do love those headphones and that jumper though <3.