Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Art course complete, transcript received, faxed copy to Sheridan, they sent confirmation back. I'm in their BAA animation program for goodsies now. Tuition and residence were also paid for- with lovely money from the bank D8.

Artwise, nothing really has been happening. My hands have been getting worse and worse, so doing traditional inkwork is verging impossible (without me taking long breaks between sessions- whilst completing very little in those periods). I'd really like to keep up with this traditional art streak, going back to digital just seems so wrong at the moment.

I finished some concept art about a week ago- I'm so terrible at posting finished pieces here.

I've also been pushing myself to draw outside my little 'original character bubble'. Fanart never appears in my galleries because, truthfully, I can't really draw it. Well, I can, but it always looks so off- especially with real people. I need to remedy this, swiftly!

For practice, here's Anthony Head playing "Nathan Wallace/Repo Man" from
REPO! The Genetic Opera.
Background is some of my favourite quotes from the film 8D.