Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've been feeling rather lazy towards art as of late, hence why the blog has been so inactive. The picture from my last post has been finished for quite a while, so I'll start by introducing it.

"Dangerous Game" - Title comes from a song in Jekyll & Hyde. When I was airbrushing the background box, the post-it notes didn't cover the area properly, resulting in DARK RED EVERYWHERE D8. I spent hours dissolving as much of the red as possible (with a colourless blender) until it was a light pink- light enough to cover it with other markers.

Also figured out how to make 'transparency' (sorta).

Now I'm working on a new drawing- a remake of an old picture from 2007:

Eam Culpae • 2007

It was called"Eam Culpae", featuring Emily from Skeletal Requiem.

Here is the digital rough of the remake:

I like it so much more. There's much more detail and feels more "Ophelia-esc", like how it is intended in the story.

Now, if I could only get the enthusiasm to ink and colour it. :c