Monday, April 26, 2010

This post will be tying up the loose ends from first year. I'm done, I'm home and all is going well. I managed to complete first year without going completely mental and only having a few break downs.

Here is my final painting project. It's a COPIC marker BG with a character on a cel overlay. The cel was painted with acrylica gouache. I worked really hard on this, trying to re-familiarize myself with my markers (I didn't get to use them all year for anything serious)- Yeah, I got a 60-something (as usual. FML.). Oh well, at least I like it.

For my final layout assignment, we were to do a diagonal panned background. Of course I misunderstood most of the directions and tried to vomit it out the night before... But I learned where I went wrong and my prof was really awesome about it.

Now here are some animations I haven't posted here:

Firstly, an animal walk cycle. I can't draw animals very well so this was a pain. Oh well, got an 88 on it.

Here is my flour sack animation, interacting with a puddle. Out of stupidity, I put it off until the day before and shat this out. There's problems I'd love to fix, but oh well.

Finally, here is a fun animation done in Animate Pro during digital tools. There were some bugs with the software, so the patches misaligned. It was excused because of the circumstances (the technical difficulties).

That's all for now; I'm off to sleep for the next week or so.