Thursday, December 16, 2010

As I'm pretty much done this semester, this will be my last art/work dump for a bit. This semester has been a mix of good & bad. I've learned quite a bit and feel I've gotten better in some areas, but alas I still feel I need to improve a lot to be up to par with what the programme demands. Definitely something I want to work on over my winter break.

This is my Christmas card for the year; It's a lino print I carved a few weeks back. I still haven't gotten the whole 'printing' process mastered, so I keep having lots of little 'speckles' in each print.

My final assignment in 'literature' was to illustrate a scene from
The Yellow Wallpaper.
This assignment was familiar, as I've done this before. However that was 3 years ago and it was absolutely dreadful. If you're into bad art, you can see it here.

For my last layout assignment, we were to take five sequential scenes from our storyboard/leica and build these boards into proper layouts.

This project also overlapped into painting, where we took one of these layouts and painted it. Watercolour pencils, watercolours, markers & Photoshop.

The beatboards were also another painting assignment. Watercolours, watercolour pencils, markers & a hell of a lot of Photoshop.

Over the semester we were required to keep a sketchbook of caricatures. We were allowed to draw from video, so, I drew a lot of my favourite people from television. There are some friends & family mixed in here, but there are definitely more Doctor Who people.

This is the end result for that storyboard I posted the beat boards & character line up for (IT KEEPS HAPPENING). A lot got changed since then & I'm unsure how I feel about it. It definitely keeps the integrity to my morbid personality.

To end this off, this is the final animation I did for the semester. It was a character's expression change whilst interacting with something/someone. I chose to use my old character 'Hecate' & have her with a spider.

That's all for now. I have a few more assignments to finish up & I'll be heading home for the next three weeks. See you in the new year.