Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I've really been enjoying my first few classes here at Sheridan. The animation program seems brilliant so far and think I'd have to create a whole new language to properly describe the epicness of this school.

As for drawing, there hasn't been much- but expect loads of doodles from in class. The instructors understand how much we doodle, so they turn a blind eye to most of it.

Here's the mock-up of a project for my
Digital Tools class. We're supposed to draw a 'name slate' to be used on all future projects. I chose to draw myself, it fits. :)

Today, whilst in my
Visual Concepts class, my prof Chris Walsh mentioned something about how the entire lecture hall was probably doodling little caricatures of him as he spoke. Well, I wasn't beforehand....

He seems like a really cool guy- Can't wait for more of his classes.

Well I'm off to do some homework. I need to go to the art store down the street tomorrow so I can buy some animation paper, a peg bar and some other necessities.