Monday, September 28, 2009

Loving school at the moment.
Hopefully I keep this positivity throughout the year. :)

I finished the Digital Tools slide. It wasn't for a grade, but it's not bad. If I had more time, there's so
me stuff I'd tweak.

I also finished my character rotation. It's due this Wednesday, which means I may still fiddle with the crap that's bugging me.

One of my next assignments is to do a series of four surreal-ish landscape paintings in gouache. It's almost Halloween, so I sketched a spooky pumpkin patch thumbnail. The design (for the final paintings) has been redone in some places, but it remains the same concept.

Last Friday was my life drawing class and we had the most FANTASTIC model. He was fun and actually into it. I find when the model's into the posing, I draw better. The week prior, our model sucked and I couldn't draw anything decent.

As usual, Conte on newsprint. I blurred the out the really rubbish faces I doodled. Trust me, they were that bad.

Most are 1 or 3 minutes. I know some of the proportions are off (*cough*the hand in the first one *cough*) and the hands are almost allll wrong, but I'm really trying to capture gestures at the moment. :D

That's all for now. Expect some actual ANIMATIONS next week!