Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One of the main incentives of updating this blog is so I can share my school drawings with my parents. They're paying the ridiculous fees to send me to this fancy school, I might as well keep them up-to-date. Love them.

It's also easier because my mum can't seem to type in the direct URLS to the drawings. She at least bookmarked this page.


I'm currently working with traditional animation tools to create my first assignment. Animation paper, how retro.

The first portion is a rubber ball, a bowling ball, and a balloon falling/floating through an environment. It's a study in TIMING (how many frames per second, relative to the subject. ie; more frames = slower, less =faster).

This is a quick PS mock-up of the background for that part of the assignment. The crate says "human organs", how morbid.

The second part is to animate a pendulum. Clocks seemed so cliche, so this is my attempt to find some level of originality (let's face it, 1000s of people have done this assignment before, they've probably done EVERYTHING).

In the final piece it'll be a spider hanging from
Intra Mortis Thomas' eye socket. This is just a digital line test. I really HATE how wasteful traditional line tests are, but I still have to do them... :(

Remember that name slate for digital tools?
Well, it dawned on me today how RUBBISH it really is. So in a cloud of sadness, I decided to redo 90% of it.

F*ck simplicity. Seriously, I'm in a competitive program, I have the time. I'm going to do it nice and proper. Added
Squelette D'Ombres Thomas and an Aetasatis Thomas. The bar in the background will probably be a Victorian speedpaint background.

And if I'm going to go completely mad, I might as well add some furry little critter somewhere:
Everyone else is drawing them on theirs, so I figured a cute little mouse by my feet wouldn't hurt. HEAVILY inspired by Don Bluth. That man = genius.

Well, I have to get back to this stupid name slate. It's due in a week and I'm ridiculously slow.